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About Polymernotes - Fun facts about polymernotes

The polymer notes are the new money for most of us. These banknotes seem to be such a common invention at a first look and still so complex, after you read its specifications. And as every new thing coming to our society, the polymer banknote is the main subject for many fun and interesting facts that most of us didn’t know about these banknotes.

Uncover some polymernotes secrets

Among the things you might not know about plastic banknotes is that they were used for the first time in Haiti and Costa Rica. These were using a more traditional version of polymer banknote which couldn’t control the color lasting due to the incompatibility between the plastic and the ink they were using. So they were damaged after having used them for several times, the color not lasting for a long time. Later, Australia has improved this technique and made the polymer banknote available in the form we know today.

An interesting thing about the polymer banknote is that they not counted as easy as the paper banknote. Due to the plastic they are made of, the money are very fine which explains why they are a bit difficult to count. Another thing you might have noticed is that they cannot be folded.

This can be seen both as a benefit and as a disadvantage, a benefit because we don’t have to worry anymore about the damaged money. The negative side is related to the difficulty of storing it in a pocket unless it is zippered.

All in all, there are many things to be discovered about polymer banknotes. Our society is currently getting familiar with this type of money that is the newest and greatest invention so far. Moreover, we are starting to understand the techniques behind the polymer banknote as well as its impact on our daily routine.